The fourth edition of the BIME Live thrilled more than 23,000 people;s vibe on October 28 and 29 at the BEC in Bilbao, confirming the success of their headline of enormous quality. This festival happens to be the biggest of southern Europe in the fall. For the different stages, more than 50 groups marched, including PJ Harvey, Suede, Chemical Brothers and Moderat.

Last Tour, producer of the festival, entrusted the supply of the sound and light equipment for the main stage Thunder Bitch and the stage Gaua to Abs-Fluge Euskadi. The P.A. system supplied on stage Gaua, latest novelty of this edition, was composed of 24 L’Acoustic DV-Dosc, 8 L’Acoustic DV-Sub and 6 L’Acoustic SB 218; all amplified with Lab Gruppen.

The control surface of F.O.H. was a Digic SD8. For the lighting equipment we used a 8 Robin 300 led wash, 8 Robe Pointe Beam-Spot and 4 Atomic Strobo, among others.

For the Thunder Bitch stage, a P.A. composed of 24 Adamson E-15, 12 adamson E-219 Sub-woofer, 2 Lab Gruppen FP R.AMP.E12 / 15 XOVER and 8 Adamson Point 12 for frontfill. The control surface of F.O.H. was an Avid Venue S6L-32D. For the lighting equipment we counted on 18 Varilite VL 3000 Spot, 18 Varilite VL 2416 Clear Lens, 18 Robe Robin Pointe, 12 Robe Robin Led 300 wash, 18 Martin Atomic 3000, 12 Thomas 4 Lite Par 36 and a cannon Robert Juliat Merlin 2,500.