Understanding Fluge is on its own merits a perfect meeting point for all professionals and fans of the audiovisual and entertainment sector that each year manages to exceed the expectations generated. In this new 2022 edition, the VI Fluge Audiovisuales Open Doors Days have received the visit of thousands of attendees who have come to Arganda del Rey to stay informed about the latest news in the industry and the most cutting-edge trends for 2023.

From November 22 to 24, Understanding Fluge 2022 has offered an extensive program with a multitude of presentations, specialized courses, talks, demos and exhibitions, entertainment, live shows and round tables by renowned professionals in the sector.

As each year, this new industry meeting was held at the Fluge Audiovisuales facilities in Arganda del Rey (Madrid). With 800m2 of space and 10 meters of hight, the Plató Azúl was adapted with the most cutting-edge equipment for sound, lighting, video and new technologies, where the different presentations and round tables were housed, as well as exhibitors from leading audiovisual brands. Meanwhile, the VIP Lounge offered professionals and technicians in training a series of specialized courses during its three days.

The exhibitors deployed in the Plató Azúl showed the public the latest technical equipment from major manufacturers and distributors such as DAS Audio, Santosom, Adam Hall, RMS Proaudio, Stonex, Fujifilm, Action Lift, VCI and Acson. As in the previous edition, a central stand was also installed with an interactive and immersive video game developed in virtual reality by the Fluge Audiovisuales R&D and new technologies department.

As usual, in this sixth edition of Understanding Fluge, the presentations were the central activity of the event, giving the possibility of being able to follow them both in person and online through the Fluge Audiovisuales Youtube account. All of them were presented by Neil Solé, who also moderated the round tables on stage.

The speakers present were Óscar Naveiras, sound technician at SeeSound, who gave us his vision of the new Adamson CS Series self-powered systems; Miguel Ángel Jiménez, director of RMS Proaudio, who introduced us to the BlackTrax tracking system; Álvaro Plumed, applications in DAS Audio, introduced us to the new DAS Audio experience with his presentation “New DAS Audio Ecosystem”; Fernando de la Torre Ibarzo, a sales representative for Adam Hall in central and southern Spain, accompanied us to talk about the new intelligent modular line array for medium events of LD Systems through his presentation MAILA of LD Systems – Modular- manageable and competitive; Mateu Coll Morey, trainer and technical support of Meyer Sound, spoke to us about the development of powerful software for acoustic predictions of Meyer Sound, MAPA 3D; Gonzalo Herranz, VCI product specialist and lighting operator, thanks to his presentation “Minuit Une Technology, immersive lighting” gave us the keys points to the company Minuit Une; Ernesto Albacete, commercial director (Chief Commercial Officer, CCO) of Umiles, spoke to us about the introduction in Spain and applications of lighting shows with drones in the events sector; Roberto Menéndez, CEO of Futura VIVE (ADD Group), creator of humanoid social robots, business metaverses, holographic systems and virtual reality simulators, accompanied us with his presentation “The dawn of the Cyborgs – The fusion of technology and the human being”, Daniel Ramírez, a recognized specialist in the technical direction field for shows and head of studies in the area of ​​technical and artistic production at Trade Formación, reflected all his experience on stage with his presentation entitled “Production and Coordination of events and shows”, Roc Mateu Trias, designer and sound technician, spoke about the preparation and production of the sound for the 2021 Goya Gala; Asier Suso product manager within the lighting and rigging area from EAR-PRO&EES, offered us a walk through the Astera ecosystem; Sérgio Vieira, Santosom partner and sales manager, explained to us the evolution they carried out in Santosom to put their know-how at the customer’s service. Under the extensive experience of Javier Navares, actor, director and author, we were delighted with his presentation “From the idea to the premiere, the creative process in the theatrical show”; Juanjo Rivero, founding partner, COO & producer at SOM PRODUCE; Carmen Márquez , artistic production director of SOM PRODUCE, and Guillermo Cuenca, director of technical production of SOM PRODUCE, visited us with their presentation “What the spectator doesn’t know. – All the secrets of musical theater, from the original idea to the stages”, Alberto Centeno, CEO Fourvenues, told us about digital transformation through his talk “A new era for the happiness industry”; Lastly, Lucas Trueba Van den Boom, Investment Portfolio Manager of Fever, visited Understanding Fluge 2022 with his presentation “The Unicorn of Entertainment”.

Likewise, there were round tables moderated by Neil Solé as “The figure of the manager in Spain”, which included the participation of Paco López, president of A.R.T.E. and founding partner and director of Attraction Management, Rosa Lagarrigue, CEO and general director of RLM, who was recognized just a few weeks ago with the tribute from the Latin Recording Academy, Latin Grammys, as one of the Leading Ladies of Entertainment 2022, Jesús Marcos, CEO and general director of Artisti-K and Anna Portomeñe, executive director of MPC Management. “Madrid, capital of fun” was another of the programmed debates, which included the participation of Miguel Pardo Martínez, Booking director at Ibiza Global Global Radio and COO of Nightlife at Grupo LALALA, Iago Fernández Neira, commercial director of Panda Club, David Nus Carrizo, CEO at The Bassement and Alberto Hidalgo, Grupo Sounds (Vandido) CEO.

The second day was dedicated to the metaverse, where its main and most outstanding characteristics were discussed. This special day was called “Metaverse, a new paradigm for events.”  AEVEA and Fluge Audiovisuales programmed several activities together. David Mancebo, co-founder of Max Valley, presented the Metaverse of Fluge Audiovisuales to all the registered event agencies, where they could access it virtually to visit and learn about its facilities, as well as the Trade Formación and Disorder Events spaces. On the other hand, the third and last round table entitled Meta-verse applied to the event was organized, which brought together five exceptional speakers: Carlos Lorenzo, president of AEVEA and CEO of Avant Events, Daniel Rocafort, CEO Visyon-Mediapro, Jordi Planas, Digital Creative Director at SOMOS Experiences, David Mancebo, co-founder of Max Valley, and Alberto Martín Fabián, Chief Revenue Office GGTECH. Finally, the VIP Room hosted the representatives of the event agencies invited by AEVEA to have an aperitif starting at 12:00. It was an ideal space and environment for networking.

One of the highlights of this edition was the exclusive presentation of “The MID Tech Awards”, the awards of the show for merit and professional contribution and innovation and audiovisual technological development. The objective of the MID Tech Awards is to unify the set of the main players in the professional audiovisual sector through a great party that will count in 2023 with a notable presence of production companies, brands, agencies and professionals.

Along with the presentations and round tables held at the Plató Azúl, Understanding Fluge 2022 also offered courses for those with a higher technical background. The VIP Room was the space in charge of hosting the following courses: Luis López, audio specialist at EARPRO&EES, gave the course “WWB6. Introduction to RF systems management, coordination and control software”, Max Sánchez Artal, LightShark worldwide support manager, gave the “LIGHTSHARK LS1 General Training” course, where we discovered the console that has revolutionized lighting control. Finally, Asier Suso, product manager within the Lighting and Rigging area at EARPRO&EES, spoke to us about the evolution of communication and control of lighting equipment in a very interesting course.

Without surprise, at Understanding Fluge 2022 we have a very special guest: Dj Nano. The man from Madrid took control of the Closing Party that put the finishing touch to the conference. An ideal closing party that made all the participants, attendees and those involved in these Fluge Audiovisuales VI Open Days jump and dance.

Fluge Audiovisuales would like to thank Showtex, Sillas de Alquiler, Reken Services, Prodicom, Disorder Events and Trade Formación and all the participants and speakers for their collaboration, as well as the great welcome from all the face-to-face and virtual attendees who made this new edition of Understanding Fluge possible. Without forgetting of course, all the Fluge Audiovisuales staff involved, who show their commitment and talent year after year.