The 52nd Heineken Jazzaldia, also known as Jazz Festival of San Sebastian, was held from the 20th to the 25th of July. The festival has existed since 1966, making it the oldest jazz festival in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. The Heineken Jazzaldia organizes around 100 gigs in a dozen stages scattered through the city.

Donostia Kultura EEP relied on ABS-Fluge Euskadi to supply the sound and lighting equipment of the Verde stage (Heineken) of the festival.

For the P.A. system 24 Meyer Sound M3D Top y 14 Meyer Sound M3D Sub were supplied. For the frontfill 4 Meyer Sound Melodie were used. The FOH control was carried out with an Avid Digidesign Venue Profile. The monitors consisted of 16 L’acoustic 115 XT, 8 Lab Gruppen Amp, 2  Meyer Sound USW and 2 Meyer Sound CQ-1, controlled by an Avid Digidesign Venue Profile.