The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, the Oceanographic Garden of Valencia and the Pedralbes Gardens of Barcelona have been the places chosen for the production of a new edition of Naturaleza Encendida. Thanks to its design and light and sound display, this immersive experience full of surprises has been a complete success in Valencia, sold out all its tickets in Madrid and will continue to be held in Barcelona until next Sunday, January 23.

The three proposals immersed visitors in a world full of adventures in unique natural spaces within the big city. Explorium (Madrid) commemorated the first botanical expeditions of the 16th century. Aquatic (Valencia) experimented with emotions and their relationship with water, an incredible adventure that left no one indifferent. To finish, Life (Barcelona) continues to be full of magical animals, with the four elements as protagonists and where you continue to learn about the secrets of the planet.

Among the human team that has made this new edition possible is Felype de Lima as creative director, Victor Tomé as composer of its soundtrack, Eduardo Valverde as lighting designer, creative and audiovisual coordinator, Juan Manuel Lázaro was in charge of programming and systems and Álvaro Gónzalez and Pedro Masa in video creation.

Thanks to LETSGO’s entrustment, producer of the show and creator of the concept, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the audiovisual equipment, which has a first-class lighting, sound and video display, where a wide range of SGM equipment was used, mainly the P-6, Q-7, P-1 and P-5 models.

Among the equipment supplied for Explorium in Madrid, it is worth highlighting around 270 Par LEDs with IP65 protection, more than 240 IP65 color floodlights, 16 Clay Paky Sharpy, 8 Clay Paky Mythos, 6 Martin MAC2000 and 2 Robe Spiider; for lighting control, 2 GrandMA2 control tables were installed. In addition, distributed throughout the space, a sound control system with 96 loudspeakers was installed. Finally, the technical deployment of video is of vital importance. Among the material, it is worth mentioning 17 Panasonic PT-RZ690BEJ Projectors, 2 Christie DWU555-GS Projectors, 1 Christie DWU635-GS projector, 3 Panasonic PT-RZ120BEJ projectors, 2 Watchout systems, 2 3.5 x 3.5 meter LED screens with 2.6 mm pitch and 2  80”  LED TVs.

For Aquatic in Valencia, Fluge Audiovisuales supplied 226 ParLeds with IP65 protection, 48 CLF Aorun 330W, 42 SGM Q2, 112 SGM P1, 20 Robe Robin 800 WASH and 12 Parled Showtec Spectral; For lighting control, a GrandMA2 control table was installed. In addition, there were 130 VDO Scepctron 10mm pitch.

Finally, at Life in Barcelona, ​​220 ParLeds with IP65 protection, 12 Robe BMFL Washbeams, 22 Robe Pointes, 120 SGM P6, 20 SGM P10, 78 SGM P5, 27 SGM Q7, 4 Vari*Lite VL3000 Spot, 42 VDO Scepctron 10mm pitch and 14 fog machines; all controlled by two Grand MA2 consoles.