Zaragoza celebrated its Goyesque Festival for the second consecutive year with a program full of cultural activities, a Goyesque market set up in Plaza del Pilar or a Goyesque parade. Thus, and it couldn’t be otherwise, during the days between April 28th and May 1st, the city paid homage to the figure of the Aragonese painter Francisco de Goya.

Organized by the Zaragoza City Council, through Zaragoza Cultural and Zaragoza Turismo, the programmed activities were aimed at all audiences and ages. Both local attendees and visitors were able to enjoy musical performances, workshops, gastronomy, exhibitions, guided tours and the aforementioned Goya market and the parade that included the participation of the city’s fences. As a great attraction, the show “Goya, the master stroke” was projected on the façade of the Town Hall. In an immersive way, the public was able to see Goya’s imagery first-hand and some episodes of his life.

Thanks to Zaragoza Cultural municipal society, producer of the festivities, Fluge Zaragoza was in charge of supplying the audiovisual equipment for three of the spaces that made up the celebrations: Alma Mater Museum, where musical performances took place, the stage installed in the Plaza del Pilar in front of the Government Delegation and the videomapping “Goya, the master line”, which had nine shows per night.

Among the equipment supplied, it is worth highlighting the assembly of 6 Barco projectors with 32,000 lumens controlled by a Watchout system, a sound system made up of more than 30 Meyer Sound speakers and conventional lighting to decorate different spaces.