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Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales: our experience

We have dedicated expert staff trained specifically to undertake projects of any complexity and size.
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What we do at Proyectos Audiovisuales

Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales combines all the experience and knowledge of temporary staging and live performances gained under the name Fluge since its inception with the creation of a team that specialises in first-rate permanent facilities and engineering.


The aim of Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales is to continue to be at the forefront of both planning and execution procedures and technical equipment. The client is the priority and we are committed to offering the ideal solutions required.


Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales works with all the products available on the market, with no brand exclusivity and constant research into new technologies.


Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales is able to manage, according to the client’s needs, each of the following stages: Advice, Project, Implementation and Maintenance.

Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales covers all sound and acoustic needs regardless of the complexity of the facility. Through electroacoustic measurement and simulation, we anticipate the results and, in this way, adopt the ideal systems for the ongoing project.

Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales works with the latest advances in all of the fields in which it operates: DSP-based technologies and network audio protocols, smart acoustic systems, optimisation of equipment, improving efficiency, etc.

Correct lighting highlights the main architectural features, enhances careful decoration and creates the desired atmospheres that play such an important role in the design of the visual environment.

Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales provides both interior and exterior lighting solutions to architecture and interior design projects. Using a personalised lighting studio, we design a suitable lighting environment that meets all the needs of the client and the project, as well as applying efficiency and sustainability criteria.

Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales provides solutions for cultural buildings through the design, construction and assembly of both lower and upper stage machinery systems.

For upper stage machinery systems, the equipment we use ranges from counterbalanced, fixed-velocity manual systems with high load requirements to variable-velocity systems with more rigorous safety specifications and even special motors for staging on tour.

For lower stage machinery, Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales installs systems suited to each client’s needs. Sizes, load capacity and velocity are defined specifically for each facility, developing and installing the lifting platform best suited to each need and budget.

Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales has the most advanced systems in information and advertising screens, digital signage, signage and content transmission and updating systems. These systems are technically complex, but they simplify user operation.

Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales works with new HDBaseT protocols for the transmission of high-definition video, audio, Ethernet and control. We also design and install infrastructure with video streaming and remote content management services.

The huge proliferation of advanced sound, lighting, video and data systems makes it increasingly necessary to implement centralised integral control systems that enable simple and intuitive use of what is actually a complex system.

Fluge Proyectos Audiovisuales provides these control systems for the overall management of both audiovisual entertainment facilities and industrial facilities. With a tailor-made user interface, the system adapts to the client’s needs; it can programme the independent operation of the whole venue.