Barcelona became the epicenter of world gastronomy with ‘The Best Chef Awards 2019’, the event in which the world’s best chef is selected from amongst a hundred candidates. Its third edition brought together gastronomic sector professionals at the University of Barcelona with a gala that went through different categories until finally awarding the best chef worldwide.

The gala, held on September 24th, had an audience of many nationalities and a total of nine winners who were chosen by chefs and kitchen professionals. In addition to unveiling the new list of the world’s Top 100, the different categories rewarded the best emerging chef, the best restaurant or the Legend Award, a new award that recognizes the trajectory of the most veteran chefs. Finally, the Swedish Björn Frantzén won the Best Chef Award Top 100, the grand prize of the night.

Thanks to the trust of The Best Chef, its producer, Fluge Barcelona provided the audiovisual equipment for the gala. It specifically supplied the sound, lighting and video equipment for the main hall of the gala, with an 8×4 meter LED screen and 2.9 mm pitch, in addition to the sound and lighting equipment of the lobby and the garden of the university that was conditioned for the occasion.