A small iceberg broke into the center of Madrid with Biotherm to present an amazing immersive experience. The beauty brand created an ephemeral ice cave to show its origin and communicate the need to guard our natural environment using the magic of videomapping. Visitors thus enjoyed a striking audiovisual show within this space located on the street with water, beauty and the environment as protagonists.

The facility, which was available from February 26 to 29 on the esplanade of Nuevos Ministerios in the capital, offered this immersive experience to the pedestrians with whom they entered the personality of the brand, represented by water and the oceans, and in the need to preserve the aquatic environment and marine life. The public was also able to learn the secrets to nurture their skin with personalized analysis and advice from Biotherm experts.

Thanks to Mondolirondo, its production company, Fluge Audiovisuales provided the sound, video and audiovisual technical staff. Among others, it is worth mentioning the supply of Meyer Sound brand speakers and the use of three Lens ELPLX02 0.35: 1 projectors of the Epson brand for the video section.