This past July 26th Boiler Room, the famous streaming platform, retransmitted live from Valencia as part of its True Music: Hybrid Sounds series. Here different musical performances were broadcast live among performances where the following outstood: Octave One, Kink, Kornél Kovacs, Big Menu, Kyne and Children Of Zeus.

Sponsored by Ballantines and produced by Boiler Room (uk) Limited, the event relied on Fluge Levante for the supply of sound, lighting and video production.

As far as sound is concerned, a P.A. composed of 4 Stacks (each composed of 3 Das Convert 15A + 2 Sub Meyer Sound M3D), 2 Stack per 4 M’elodie + 2 Sub Meyer Sound M3D and 7 Das Road 12A for monitors. The FOH control featured a Yamaha CL5 and a Yamaha Rio 3224.

For lighting, 6 Mac 2000, 24 Coemar Infinity XL, 8 Martin Atomic 3000, 5 Coemar Infinity wash and 3 GLP RZ120 were supplied.
The video material included 2 screens of 2×1.50 meters, 5 screens of 1.50×1 meters and 5 screens of 1×1 meters, all of them with 5 mm of resolution.