With an extensive musical perspicacity, Carlos Jean has experienced several abrupt changes in an industry that had trouble positioning him as an artist. Constantly searching for challenges, he found a much broader range of musical exploitation than he had been taught. “My obsession today is to find opportunities that allow me and the people around the industry to make a living from music,” he says. Under concrete experiences that illustrate his theories, Carlos Jean puts into practice each of the teachings of his predecessors which he internalized and which he does not hesitate to share, ending up forging the artist that he is today.

In just over an hour, Carlos Jean brought us closer to musical production’s daily problems, apparently simple or complex, traveling through his projects, his own evolution as an artist and the industry, and how to reach the listener by studying data, percentages or technological applications. It goes without saying that it was an immense pleasure to have Carlos Jean’s wisdom  in #UnderstandingFluge2019.

We hope you enjoy the full presentation!