From the 12th to the 14th of July, the VIII Evangelical Congress was celebrated at the WiZink Center. During this congress they tried to delve in the roots and the history of the Christian Protestan faith, as well as to project a positive vision of the Church in Spain.

FEDERE (Federación de Entidades Religiosas Evangélicas de España) relied on Fluge Audiovisuales, with Natanael Planes as the responsible of the technical production by the organization, to supply the sound, ligthing and video materials for the congress.

For the sound, the P.A. system was formed by 32 Das Audio Aero50, 16 Lab Gruppen FP10000Q-SPK and 16 Das Audio UX-221A. For the frontfil 8 Das Audio Convert12 were used, for the downfill 6 Das Audio Convert15 and for the outfill 24 Das Audio Aero50 were used. The FOH control was carried out through a Digico SD8. The supplied monitors were 4 Das Audio Road15A and 12 Das Audio Road12A, controlled by a Digico SD9.

The lighting consisted of 24 Robin BMFL Wash Beam, 24 Clay Paky A.Leda B-eye K20, 24 Clay Paky Mythos and 24 Martin Mac2000 Wash. All of this was controlled by a Grand MA2 Light.

For the video the material availed was a presentation system + a Barco E2 controller and a Barco Event Master EC-50 control desk.

Besides, a stage was installed in Paseo de Recoletos to celebrate the Fiesta de la Esperanza that conunted on a led screen of  7m x 4m 4.8mm and a Meyer Sound Leopard Line Array P.A. system.