This year, the long-awaited Christmas dates by all are even more notorious in the city of Vigo thanks to the provision of a giant circular screen in the surroundings of the Policarpo Sanz. The installation was carried out in the month of October and the inauguration took place on Saturday, November 19, once again turning the Galician city into a Christmas benchmark for the entire country.

Mr. Don Abel Caballero, Vigo’s Mayor, pressing the red button that kicks off Christmas in Vigo with the accompaniment of councilors

Said designated day, the mayor of Vigo, Mr. Don Abel Caballero, pressed the usual red button to inaugurate the Vigo Christmas Festival, so that the inhabitants were surprised by the full bath of color in which the streets are submerged . This moment was also accompanied by the launch of confetti, streamers and snow, designed especially for the little ones. The Christmas screen has been counting down the lights of the old town since October 22, and now that the event has passed, it will wish residents and travelers who pass through the area a happy holiday season.

A Fluge Galicia technician checking the impressive installed screen

Thanks to the City Council of Vigo’s trust, producer of the Christmas Festival in Vigo, Fluge Galicia was in charge of the assembly, configuration and software design of the circular screen countdown application. In the ignition, the radio link was managed for the broadcast on three simultaneous screens, located on Calle Príncipe, Vialia shopping center and Rosalía de Castro, in addition to seven cannons to throw snow, another seven to shoot confetti and four to shoot streamers. Among the material installed, two NovaStar MCTRL660 LED processors and 55 4.81 mm pitch LED modules that made up the LED screen stood out.

The giant circular screen that announces the Christmas Festival in Vigo