Panama Free Zone, located in the province of Colón, is an important port where a large part of the merchandise containers that are distributed throughout Central America, South America and the Caribbean arrive. 75 years have passed since its inauguration and to celebrate it a great event was held at the Panama Convention Center, the current Panama City convention center.

Thanks to Caura Eventos, producer of the event, Fluge Audiovisuales Centroamérica was in charge of organizing and developing all the experiences and supplying the audiovisual equipment for the event, which had more than 900 attendees. Among the tasks, it is worth highlighting the creation and design of both physical and digital invitations, the installation of an exhibition area with more than 40 paintings and photographs of the Free Zone, the hiring of catering and cocktail parties, management of all the staff of event staff, recording, editing and delivery of final content of the show; in addition to the hiring, application and permits to end the event with a fireworks show.

 Regarding the audiovisual material, an immersive LED tunnel 9 meters long was installed in the entrance hall, with a screen on the sides and on the floor. The main stage had nine LED screens distributed throughout its space, summing a total of 82 m2 of screen. The contents were created ad hoc by the Fluge Audiovisuales design department. Broadly speaking, 172 robotic, conventional and decorative lighting sources were used. The supplied sound system consisted of 16 Melodie and 10 Meyer Sound subwoofers.