The Spanish band Cupido, made up of Pimp Flaco and Solo Astra, celebrated Valentine’s Day with a spectacular concert at the emblematic Wizink Center in Madrid, presenting their latest album “Sobredosis de amor”. With a history that has led them to establish themselves as one of the most solid groups on the Spanish music scene. Cupido offered a unique experience for the fans gathered at the venue.

The concert, which was anticipated to be one of the band’s biggest to date, took place in front of 5.500 people creating an intimate and immersive atmosphere. Cupido’s musical repertoire included hits such as “El Tiempo Es Oro” and “La Pared”, generating moments of great participation by the public.

The energy of the audience, especially during performances like “La Pared,” helped make the concert a special and memorable experience for Cupid’s fans. The band, whose formation originated from a musical collaboration between Pimp Flaco and Solo Astra, has undergone changes in musical style throughout their career, moving away from trap and psychedelic pop to adopting a more guitar-influenced pop sound. .

Thanks to the trust of Last Tour, producer of the show, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the sound, lighting and video equipment for the concert thanks to the audiovisual equipment installed in the WiZink Center. With more than 100 Adamson speakers covering PA, frontfill, downfill and outfill, more than 80 top-level mobile spotlights distributed on 4 truss bridges, plus 2 side bridges and a 9 x 5 meter, 6.94 mm LED screen pitch along with an HD production system, among others, the concert was a complete success.