David Bisbal captivated his followers with an intimate and emotional concert at the Teatro Eslava in Madrid with LOS40 Básico Santander. The event, which marked this year’s first show for the LOS40 Básico series, stood out for its exclusive atmosphere and exhaustive review of the Spanish artist’s 20-year career.

The audience witnessed a memorable moment when Bisbal made his triumphant entrance to the theater aboard a DeLorean, giving a nod to the iconic film “Back to the Future” and symbolizing his own journey through time in the music industry. . Once on stage, Bisbal delighted his fans with a selection of his biggest hits, from classics like “Ave María” and “Lloraré las penas” to more recent songs like “Me Siento Vivo” and “Ajedrez”, bringing out his versatility as an artist and his ability to connect with different generations of followers.

But the concert was not only a display of music; It was also a close meeting between Bisbal and his fans. The artist shared exciting moments, such as an intimate interview with Tony Aguilar, where he reflected on his career and shared special anecdotes. In addition, he made special mention of the participants of Operación Triunfo 2023, urging them to continue persevering on their musical path.

Thanks to Planet Events’ trust, producer of the event, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of providing the sound, lighting and video equipment for the concert and the photocall, thanks in large part to the equipment installed in the Teatro Eslava by Fluge Audiovisuales. Among the equipment supplied, it is worth highlighting the microphone and R.F. monitors, reinforcement lighting and a Grand MA3 control table.