The artistic duo “Destripando la Historia”, made up of Álvaro Pascual (Pascu) and Rodrigo Septién (Rodri), rocked the WiZink Center in Madrid on January 20 with an exciting farewell concert. The event marked the triumphant closing of their successful Spain “Loki Tour” tour, leaving fans with indelible memories in a night full of talent and humor.

From the moment the doors opened, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement. Fans arrived early, eager to enjoy the unique mix of music, art and comedy that only Destripando la Historia can offer. The WiZink Center Main Room filled quickly, creating an electric atmosphere that anticipated an epic night.

The concert did not disappoint at all. Pascu and Rodri, accompanied by their talented team of musicians, captivated the audience with their dynamic and energetic performances. From their mythological parodies to their humorous takes on pop culture, each song was met with cheers and applause. In addition to the classic songs from the “Loki Tour”, the duo surprised attendees with some unreleased songs, adding a special touch of emotion to the night. The combination of live music, visual projections and Pascu and Rodri’s signature humor created an unforgettable experience for everyone present.

Thanks to “El Bueno, el Feo y el Malo Producciones”, producer of the show, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the sound, lighting and video equipment for the concert thanks to the equipment installed in the WiZink Center. Among the equipment are more than 100 Adamson speakers covering PA, frontfill, downfill and outfill, more than 80 top-level mobile spotlights and a 12x6m LED screen with a pitch of 6.94mm.