The online platform that the Fluge Audiovisuales team has been developing during the confinement had Dj Nano and Oro Viejo as masters of ceremonies for the launch of a technology that saw the light of day with great success, both for viewers and for visual and interactive quality. The online show, free and open to all audiences, was held at DJ Nano own house on Saturday, May 30, highlighting one of the new options that Fluge Audiovisuales offers for conducting events and shows of professional character.

Conformed within Fluge Audiovisuales’ online offer, this new format offered by Dj Nano is called an in-house event: an online alternative to the face-to-face event by which the Fluge Audiovisuales team transferred its technological potential to Dj Nano’s house  to offer an Oro Viejo session of just over two hours, maintaining both the level of spectacularity and the closeness and familiarity to which he has accustomed us in his live shows.

Thanks to the joint work between Fluge Audiovisuales, Disorder Events and Dj Nano himself, the online show demonstrated the technical and audiovisual deployment that this type of event can achieve. With around thirty hours of assembly and preliminary tests, Dj Nano’s house was divided into two spaces where a seven-camera production system with two controls was installed, plus a content control and 2D, 3D and augmented reality graphics, a sound control, three platform private room controls and an emission control, as well as a 3×1 meter, 2.1mm pitch LED screen and three 60-inch screens, in addition to professional sound and lighting equipment. In short, an audiovisual display at the height of the show that included the work of seven technicians on the ground and three in broadcast control.

This new adventure is confirmed as a success of visualizations in terms of acceptance by the public. The session had more than 39,000 users connected in 44 different countries, reaching peaks of up to 10,000 people connected simultaneously, becoming a new record for viewers for Dj Nano in his online live format, with overwhelming critical success.

To finish off, we cannot forget the impact in real time. If there is a component to mention that differentiates this online alternative to the conventional face-to-face option, it is undoubtedly the interactivity and impact in real time among the attendees. During the duration of the show, the viewers kept in constant contact with Dj Nano, who was able to share the screen with 40 selected users and who actively participated in the show, making it a unique experience of interactivity. Even the closing track “Lover Why” by John Wesley, very much associated with Oro Viejo, was chosen by fans through a live vote. A contest was also held in which viewers answered the question asked by the artist during the show through the online platform. To finish off the experience, once the performance was over, Dj Nano had an online meeting with ten of his fans in another space technologically adapted for the occasion.

Judging by what has been described above, Fluge Audiovisuales, Disorder Events and Dj Nano are highly positive, and this does nothing more than confirm the possibility of offering a new professional alternative to the sector that has unique advantages and quality premium level production. This event  has demonstrated one of the paths to follow for the future of events in digital format.