RTVE has presented “The Great Consultation”, an unprecedented and ambitious campaign for citizen participation to find out what type of public RTVE citizens want. A survey both analog and digital to reach Spanish citizens of all ages, being the first time in Spain that the population has been asked about the role of a public communication medium.

To publicize the consultation, a QR code has been installed in the streets of 36 cities that will give access to the questionnaire, where the wishes of the spectators can be known to bring public radio and television closer to the entire population. The objective: to facilitate maximum participation and that no one feels excluded from RTVE.

This public consultation will conclude with the drafting of a White Paper on RTVE that will collect the survey conclusions and will serve as the basis for the “new framework mandate” elaboration on which the new public radio and television must pivot.

To celebrate, last Wednesday, September 8, “El Pirulí” de Torrespaña illuminated its façade through projections, remaining on for four consecutive nights and thus giving the starting signal for “La gran consulta”.

In entrustment of RDT Ingenieros Madrid, producer of the action in “El Pirulí”, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the lighting and video projection material. In addition, the action coincided with RTVE’s new season presentation.