Fluge has facilities of 6,000 square meters in Arganda del Rey, divided into two large intercommunicated spaces that separate the lighting area from the sound area, an area of ​​more than 2,800 square meters is dedicated to the storage and tuning of equipment. These facilities have 6 loading docks and 2 ramps, as well as an industrial lift for load distribution at different heights. The facilities also have 800 square meters dedicated to the office area, a cafeteria-restaurant and 36 parking spaces. The main building also has classrooms and rehearsal rooms.

Attached and intercommunicated with the offices is LouLadi, the set and multipurpose space consisting of two floors. The ground floor corresponds to the set, a large open area of ​​more than 1,100 square meters and 14.5 meters high with recording control rooms and access to mobile units; while on the top floor there are dressing rooms, production offices, hairdressing rooms, makeup, services and rest areas. This floor is connected to the set by a separate lobby with access via elevator and staircase.

Our location

Madrid Headquarters

Sierra de Albarracín, 61 / Pol. Ind. Las Monjas
Parque Empresarial A3 / 28500 Arganda del Rey


Fluge’s facilities in Rivas Vaciamadrid have a warehouse of 1200 square meters of storage, divided into two heights and 200 square meters of offices, housing all the video equipment in addition to the R&D department and new technologies, betting on the constant renovation of audiovisual material and engineering of audiovisual processes. Located in the Santa Ana industrial estate, it offers technical video equipment supply services, in addition to centralizing the technical direction of all types of corporate events.

Our location

Rivas Vaciamadrid

Av. de la Técnica, 13 / Pol. Ind. Santa Ana
28522 Rivas Vaciamadrid / Madrid


Fluge in Barcelona has 1,600 square meters of storage and 450 square meters of offices and service areas. The facilities are located in Sant Boi, in the so-called communications node of the Baix Llobregat, just 10km from the center of Barcelona with direct connection to the Rondes and the C-31 and C-32 roads.

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Our Location


Carrer de Murcia, 67 / Pol. Can Calderón
08830 Sant Boi de Llobregat


The Fluge Levante delegation is located in the industrial estate of Silla, Valencia. Its facilities have a total of 800 square meters spread over an area of offices and work areas, a warehouse with a maintenance workshop and more than 450 square meters of technical material stored in three heights, loading and unloading dock and a multifunctional space for rehearsals, recording and tests, these facilities also offer free parking service for their customers.

Our location


Av./ Jaime I El Conqueridor nº94
Pol. Ind. L´Altero
46460 Silla


Fluge has in Zaragoza 530 square meters of storage and 70 square meters of offices and service areas. The facilities are located in Pol. Industrial Centrovia in La Muela (Zaragoza), 20km from the center of Zaragoza and in the immediate vicinity of the Zaragoza Trade Fair and logistics platform with direct connection to the Madrid – Barcelona highway.

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Our Location


C/ Bogotá, 81-83 / Pol. Ind. Centrovía
50196 La Muela / Zaragoza

Central America facilities

Fluge in Panama counts on 1,700 useful square meters and 800 square meters of storage. The facilities are located in Panama City, 3Km from the city center. In addition, it has 400 square meters of offices, service areas and showrooms.

Fluge Middle East in Qatar has  1,000 useful square meters and 700 square meters of storage. The facilities are located in the center of Doha, next to the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, in Westbay. In addition, it has 200 square meters of offices, service areas and a design Room.

Our Location


C/ Río Abajo
Ciudad de Panamá


Nuestra localización


Han Kou Road

309, Room 302

Puxi District


Fluge Middle East cuenta en Qatar con 1.000 metros cuadrados útiles y 700 metros cuadrados de almacenaje. Las instalaciones se encuentran ubicadas en el centro de Doha, junto al Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, en Westbay. Además, las dispone de 200 metros cuadrados de oficinas, áreas de servicios y Design Room.