Fernando Olives-Gomila is a stage entertainment production director, today considered the largest musical theater producer in the world, with a presence in eight countries and with a history of more than 20 years in Spain, specifically on Gran Vía in Madrid .

Eight years ago, Fernando moved from Barcelona to Madrid to lead the production of  new and ambitious stage projects: The Lion King. According to his testimony, he hoped to spend a couple of years in the capital, as a surprise to him and his entire team they continue to be active today and without a specific end date for the project, which has dazzled nearly five million viewers with 8 or 9 performances per week.

In love with his profession, Fernando is convinced, according to his words, of the therapeutic power that his shows generate and the transmission of emotions that they exert on the public. With a colossal endeavor to it, musicals like Anastasia or The Lion King are a mass phenomenon in Spain. To break down the work of each of the departments that make these shows come true, who better than Fernando Olives-Gomila, who in just over an hour at #UnderstandingFluge2019 reviewed the foundations, strategies and different phases to overcome in a great musical theater production.

It was a great pleasure to have had the presence of Fernando Olives-Gomila at #UnderstandingFluge2019. We hope you enjoy his full presentation!