The sports center of San Isidro in Getafe, Madrid, hosted the seventh edition of the Cultura Inquieta Festival From the 30th of June to the 22nd of July. Over the course of these four weeks, more than 30 bands of different styles – rock, pop, funk, soul, flamenco and hip-hop – appeared on the stage.

This new edition brought together more than 50,000 attendees, an average of 4,000 daily, who could enjoy the performances of Ara Malikian, Carlinhos Brown, Barón Rojo or Ñu. Cultura Inquieta S.L, producer of the festival, entrusted Fluge Audiovisuales for the provision of sound and lighting equipment.

The sound equipment for P.A. supplied by Fluge Audiovisuales was composed of a Meyer Sound: 10 M3D, 8 M3D-Sub, 2 MG-3D / Milo and 2 UPA-1P for frontfill. The control desk of F.O.H. was a Yamaha CL5. On the other hand, the lighting equipment counted on 14 VLX, 14 Sharpys, 6 blinding 4 Lites or 10 mobile X-Spot, among others. All controlled by a Grand MA Full Size table.