Last August 27th,  was the date chosen by the Sala Zur to surprise us with a new concept, ‘Horizons’. An open air event that focuses on electronic music in a unique and different environment located in Saltacaballo, Cantabria. Thanks to Sonort, the producer of this event, Fluge Audiovisuales and ABS-Fluge Euskadi, were chosen to be in charge of supplying the sound, lighting and video equipment for the Horizons Open Air stage, where the remarkable performance of Richie Hawtin took place, along with Gaiser, Fabio Florido and Whyt Noyz among others. The PA system was composed of 4 d & b J12, 12 d & b J8, 8 d & b Q-1, 20 d & b Sub-Subveve, 14 d & b D-80 and 2 d & b D-12 amplifiers. The FOH control desk was MIDAS XL3. 2 LA8, 4 L’ACOUSTIC SB-218 Sub-woofer and 4 L’ACOUSTIC ARCS were provided as monitors.