The draw for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey was held at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation on January 18th, in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas neighborhood. The event elucidated the pairing of the teams that reached this stage of the competition, whose matches were already decided for the next and penultimate phase of the championship.

The event was organized in the Luis Aragonés Hall of the headquarters and attracted the sport’s media and fans attention from all over the country. The pairing of each team was decided randomly through the extraction of balls which contained the name of each contestant, thanks to the hand of young players from the eight classified teams.

Copa del Rey Sorteo Cuartos de Fiinal

Globally, the producer of the event and a branch of Newlink, relied on Fluge Audiovisuales to provide all the audiovisual equipment.

Among the most relevant equipment, it is worth mentioning a d&b sound system controlled by a Yamaha QL5 and a Yamaha RIO 3224-D. A ChamSys MagicQ MQ80 control table was used to control the lighting equipment.