In our desire to promoting continuity to the sector and also to the human relationships, we incorporate a technological solution. We adapt the digital and technological challenge with an innovative proposal that will maintain the face to face relationship, offering an effective solution to confront setbacks and opening paths to the future events. This type of digital solutions adapts to current needs in a practical, accessible and economical way, giving the client the opportunity to globally project the essence of their presentations.

From Fluge Audiovisuales we work to offer a transformation in communication, in the way we meet and in the organization of event celebrations, with the aim of producing new experiences, generating hybrid events (combining the physical face to face tools and the application of digital event creativity ).

For all these reasons, Fluge Audiovisuales makes an On-Line Platform available for the client to carry out presentations, real-time surveys, debates, networking and product presentations. Communication will be two-way, having the capacity to gather 1,500 people interacting simultaneously. In addition, it will have professional production and content editing (insertion of graphics, infographics and AR into broadcast quality).

Fluge Audiovisuales disrupts into the technological challenge of virtually uniting! Digitize the emotions of your face-to-face event!