Fluge Audiovisuales continues to modernize its facilities through a new expansion of more than 7,000 square meters at its headquarters in Arganda del Rey, with which it improves its audiovisual services for events, concerts, festivals and shows. The widening extension of these new facilities are distributed among warehouses in all audiovisual areas (sound, lighting and video),with an office space and a new 1,000-square-meter set. These will be for operation and adding to the set it already has, to host rehearsals, musicals, television recordings, fairs, courses or presentations.

The sound and lighting warehouse increases its capacity to 2,000 square meters and space for new video facilities, with an extension of 3,000 square meters, allowing all the company’s audiovisual areas to be located in the same headquarters, with the logistical, technical and human progress that this entails. Likewise, another 400 square meters of new offices are added along with another 600 square meters for rigging.

The aforementioned new set is capable of hosting stages for the largest sized venues in the country, in addition to being acoustically conditioned and having all the necessary requirements for concert rehearsals, musicals and all kinds of shows and being able to host any other type of activity, such as the also mentioned television recordings, fairs, courses or presentations, thanks to the great versatility of this space.

With this new expansion, Fluge Audiovisuales streamlines, modernizes and improves its capacity to offer a comprehensive audiovisual service capable of accompanying productions of any type of shows and corporate events in each and every one of its phases.