With the presence of more than 200 guests from all corners of the world, on Thursday March 9, DAS Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional sound, organized an ambitious event that showcased its innovative manufacturing process and revolutionary audio technology. Fluge Audiovisuales facilities in Arganda del Rey had the pleasure of hosting the face-to-face event, specifically the Plató Louladi, after the guided tour of the DAS Audio factory in Valencia the day before.

The objective of the conference was to publicize the new sound systems of its emblematic ARA series, where it is worth highlighting the new SARA line array and LARA system. Its live demo was the most anticipated moment for those present, who were able to see first-hand the exceptional sound quality and performance of the system. This was followed by a live mixing session and a performance by a funk and soul band that unleashed SARA’s versatility and ability to deliver a warm and intense sonic experience.

In addition to the high point of the day, the presentation offered more interesting content, beginning with a spectacular video presentation of the ALMA system management and control software, which has marked the beginning of a new stage for DAS Audio systems. The systems characteristics and novelties that make up this new ARA series were highlighted through the intervention of Javier Navarro, CEO and Director of Engineering, who explained the advantages of self-amplification, the custom design of each component, cutting-edge technology and the smart features. Finally, continuous improvements to the system through firmware updates were highlighted, which will ensure that customers always have access to the latest features and functionality.

Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of the complete management of the event, from design to production. In addition, it was in charge of designing the spectacular contents of the large screens installed at the event. For all these reasons, the success of the event is a reflection of DAS Audio’s commitment to offer high-quality sound systems and innovative technology to its customers and partners. The brand will continue to consolidate its position in the sector and work to provide innovative sound solutions to its customers around the world.