From September 21st to October 1st the Palacio de Vistalegre in Madrid hosted a new edition of the Paulaner Madrid Oktoberfest. Around 30,000 people attended this beer festival that kept the Bavarian spirit.

During these days of celebration, live music, guided tours and all kinds of complementary activities could be enjoyed. Vertical MKT Group, producer of the event, entrusted Fluge Audiovisuales the supply of audiovisual equipment.

Among the sound equipment installed on the premises was a P.A. of 24 DAS Audio, 4 DAS Audio LX-218, 6 DAS Audio Convert12 for frontfill among others, controlled by a Yamaha QL1. Concerning the lighting, the equipment was composed of more than 136 pieces distributed along the stage, the entrance hall and the general illumination of the Palace of Vistalegre. Finally, in the video section 180 modules of led screen Createled of 5mm were used.