The Wizink Center in Madrid is one of the venues in the world with the most events held throughout the year. Its objective is to offer an increasingly complete service for the different productions it hosts. An essential part of its success being the audiovisual installation carried out by Fluge Audiovisuales which increases the level of each project carried out at the venue. For this reason, Fluge Audiovisuales and WiZink Center signed an agreement so Fluge Audiovisuales continues to offer its latest generation audiovisual technology.

In this way, for the next three years, with the possibility of extending its expiration for two more years, Fluge Audiovisuales will be the official provider of sound, lighting and video equipment rental services. For all those events that require it, Fluge Audiovisuales permanently installed a renewed audiovisual equipment, in the venue for public enjoyment.

The facility has a stage with more than 18 meters of opening and state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video systems. With more than 100 Adamson speakers covering PA, frontfill, downfill and outfill, more than 80 top-level mobile spotlights distributed on 4 truss bridges, plus 2 side bridges.  It also has the option of including a large LED screen on stage together with an HD production system; among all, everything necessary to meet the most demanding requirements is guaranteed.