Fluge Audiovisuales was present in three of the awarded endeavors in the EVENTOPLUS 2019 awards corresponding to the categories of Best Convention, Best Product Presentation and Best Cultural Event. These awards, with 14 editions held, recognize the talent and creativity of its different contenders in the event sector. Specifically, the projects where Fluge Audiovisuales participated stood out for their technical and audiovisual deployment, which was crucial for its development and execution.

In this sense, the Annual Convention of Mahou-San Miguel, awarded with gold in the category of Best Convention and organized by ATREVIA, had an important technical section that used the latest audiovisual technology. It was made in room 25 of Kinépolis Cinemas and presented a powerful show where video mapping and artificial intelligence were the protagonists thanks to E.R.A, a novel system consisting of a giant cube attached to a mobile robotic arm in charge of directing the entire convention .

Likewise, the event Las Numeradas de Cervezas Alhambra, awarded in the category of Best Product Presentation and organized by Kitchen, presented the new varieties of the brewery with an event in which the guests discovered the different secrets of making the brand for themselves in a striking space created for the occasion. In addition, as a conclusion to the event, several live performances were made.

For its part, the Founders Fest 2018, awarded in the category of Best Cultural Event and organized by Auriga, was the largest craft beer event held in Spain so far. It was created with the aim of promoting and bringing artisan culture closer to the attendees, who enjoyed a wide variety of beers from all corners of the world along with a multitude of live performances.

Fluge Audiovisuales provided the sound, lighting, video and audiovisual technical staff of the aforementioned events thanks to the trust of their respective organizing agencies.

From here we want to congratulate ATREVIA, Kitchen and Auriga for their deserved awards.