In these troubled times of forced activity cessation due to the Covid-19, in the Fluge Audiovisuales group we believe  we must stay active, remaining in continuous development of preparations for when our industry recovers normally.

Among many other projects, we want to announce the construction of our new mobile digital sound unit that will have the cutting edge and avant-garde technology equipment on the world market. It is a very manageable 9-meter truck with great accessibility to non-spacious locations, with an expandable cabin that will have a unique feature of two independent sound controls so that allow recording, mixing and broadcasting of musical events can be carried out simultaneously in uninterrupted continuity, or any other activity. Both booths are digitally communicated, are adaptable, and all the equipment is also selectable according to customer needs depending on the demands of the production, so their endowment can be practically “à la carte”.

These booths also have the ability to become broadcasting rooms for live broadcasting, so you can set the live sound of an event and include the presenters for the broadcast with all the comforts.

Finally, the unit will have the maximum compatibility of analog and digital connectivity to the protocols that exist in the market, so it can be used with any production, including broadcast, streaming, live concerts, recordings, mixing and post -production thereof, advertising, etc; From our perspective it will be an added value to our quality and guarantee of service that we wants to offer to our current and future clients.

Later we will disclose all the information on the technical characteristics of this unit and its availability.