With the decoration provided by the city of Ibiza, and after the success of the first edition, which attracted some 20,000 people, Ibiza Light Festival was once again celebrated with the aim of becoming an international reference.

The third weekend of October the city was filled with art, light and color. Seventeen artworks from France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Italy landed in Ibiza to surprise all the passers-by. A project that overnight on October 13th and 14th transformed various locations of the port of Vila and the Marina district, thanks to a methodical work of lighting, video and sound.

During these days, light in all its forms was the mainstream of representations. The simplest form of light such as candles to the last laser technology or video mapping in the most representative places. The realization was carried out by lighting artists, video-artists and lighting designers. In addition, thanks to the interactivity of the projects, the audience was also part of the show.

The technical producers of the event, Improbable Flims and 3DLights, entrusted Fluge Audiovisuales to supply the video equipment of five installations that several artists exhibited in the port and the marina of Ibiza. Among all the shows, the videomapping that was projected on the walls of Vila from the Portal of Ses Taules where the story of its construction was reported by Improbable Films and the graffmapping of Richard Santana in the port of Ibiza was a highlight. Among the equipment supplied are 5 Barco projectors with 40,000 lumens, 2 Panasonic luminaires with 10,000 lumens and 4 Nec of 7,000 luminaires.