On December 12th, the Shanghai Zhuangcheng Medical and Health Industry Group annual meeting was held in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. Fluge Audiovisuales (Chao Ganguan) and his Shanghai partner were in charge of designing an audiovisual solution for this event, as well as carrying out its the setup and configuration.

Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, near World Expo, is a reference sports venue in Shanghai. It includes a gym for 15,000 people, a pool for 5,000 people and a diving pool that can hold 5,000 people. This year, Zhuang Cheng Group held its annual meeting at the main stadium. To obtain the best result, Fluge Audiovisuales, and the producer of the Zhuang Cheng Group event selected a sound system of the brand D.A.S.

After analyzing the demands of the annual meeting, Fluge Audiovisuales and its partner decided to provide 24 AERO40A for the PA system; 12 LX 218CA-NET for the sidefill; 4 AERO20A for frontfill; 12 LX 218CA-NET for bass array. All controlled by 2 DSP 4080 and 1 DSP 2060, DASnet was also used for monitors and remote control.

The technical director Germán Rodríguez from Fluge Audiovisuales and his group worked during the night to complete the installation and the optimization of the equipment for this event. The organizers remarked on the professionalism of the team and their rigorous work, expressing their desire to cooperate with them in upcoming events.