The Technical Show School TRADE begins training activities in Panama City with the collaboration of Fluge Audiovisuales Centroamérica and the Ciudad del Saber Foundation.

The Trade Audiovisual Certification Program is the first level of access to the specialty. It is a transversal program in which the different work disciplines are encountered. Having a significant number of hours to complete the internship in a company will be the key to definitively settle all the concepts learned in the program and also to understand the day-to-day life of a dynamic work environment.

State-of-the-art technical training:

Providing cutting-edge audiovisual technical training from the industrial perspective of the show is the operational line of this new project. The objective is to generate qualified and well-prepared human resources, facilitating the work immersion of its students. This is an initiative that generates opportunities in the entertainment sector itself, immersed in an industrial cycle of recovery and growth, with important technological challenges.

¨The Panamanian Ciudad del Saber Foundation and Fluge Centroamérica give us the adecuate perspective to define an approach adjusted to the local needs of Panama. In addition, Fluge Audiovisuales provides the guarantee of compliance with the TRADE training model, based on the practical understanding of current audiovisual technology.¨ – Eneko Candina, Trade Formación.

A real job opportunity:

Live audiovisual events take place in multiple industrial formats, all of them immersed in a spiral of new technologies and innovative formats. Young people and professionals who specialize in Trade Panama will have the opportunity to perform as technical crew of cultural events such as conventional theaters, musical theaters, sporting events, exhibition spaces such as business fairs and museums… and they will also have a place in corporate and institutional events.

All these fields of work require qualified human teams to prepare, assemble and manage a long list of technological equipment in the areas of sound, stage lighting and video systems. In addition to the hardware equipment, great skill is also needed in the software systems that manage these equipments.

Safety first.

Safety will also be one of the training axes of Trade since all these disciplines are carried out in environments with a certain risk: The weight and fastening systems of equipment suspended from structures, the design of the structures themselves, personal safety protocols and collectively, identifying high and low voltage, understanding the electrical distribution of any show…

Trade Horizons

Trade Formación, Ciudad Del Saber and Fluge Centroamérica are already developing further advanced programs that can provide training continuity and progress to those who wish to enter the world of entertainment as specialists with the option of applying for international professional exchange scholarships with Spain.

We hope to keep reporting very soon on LaTam’s new professional technical academy’s success.

Let’s start!