During the days between Tuesday, May 15th and Friday, May 18th, a convention between eminences of the Panamanian music industry called Trama, Industria de la Música,  took place in the Ciudad del Saber of Panama.

The objective of the event was to develop a more dynamic and innovative economy, generating employment and opportunities, as well as social change and prestige for the country. The meeting included three nights of concerts to present artists and bands at the Athenaeum of the Ciudad Del Saber.

Thanks to the trust bestowed by Contraxeñas, Fluge Centroamérica  was in charge of supplying the lighting and video equipment for the concerts offered. The video equipment included a 2.9 mm LED screen, a 6.5 x 4 meter central LED screen and two 1.5 x 4 meter side screens. For the lighting equipment there were 6 Vari-lite VL3000 spot, 4 Alpha Wash 1200, 6 Star Color, 12 Clay Paky Sharpy and a control table MA 2 onPC.