Fluge Centroamérica, the Panamanian delegation of Fluge Audiovisuales, held its 2019 Showroom on September 11th. This is the first edition of the Open House Days of the delegation where presentations were made by experts, exclusive presentations and activities focused on the present and future of the audiovisual sector.

During eight extended hours of the Showroom, which was held at the Riu Hotel in Panama City, the public had the opportunity to know come in contact with first-hand audiovisual technology and the future of this professional field. The selected speakers, renowned experts in the sector, studied the various facets that, directly and indirectly, make up the audiovisual professional field. These included, market strategy, business organization, production design, technical skills or the application of the latest technology for shows and events, among others.

The event also featured a multitude of exhibitions of audiovisual equipment along with interactive sessions offered to attendees: such as the different presentations that were exhibited of the striking interactive LED Lighting Bracelets show, capable of activating and modifying its color thanks to its radio frequency control, one of the samples that the congregated public liked the most. The showroom also presented several musical shows, such as DJ’s sessions, and a surprise concert that was the final touch for the meeting.