The Fluge Audiovisuales R&D department is immersed in a new technological project aimed at corporate events, event agencies, fairs, congresses, brands and spaces that promises to make a difference and generate the long-awaited WOW effect among its visitors. Through virtual reality, immersive, interactive and cooperative experiences will be generated, combining technology and software, both established in a large physical space which will be passable, versatile and changeable.

This virtual entertainment mode for all ages allows players to enjoy with colleagues, friends or family, with the aim of immersing them in an unparalleled experience through their interaction with the environment, testing their imagination, cooperation and reflexes. Users have complete freedom of movement through the mapped space in which the game takes place, having control over their avatar through their body and generating a realistic experience in their mind thanks to the creative resources of virtual reality. For all these reasons, the games are multiplayer, cooperative and, in turn, corporate, so that the corporate image is introduced into the experience itself.

The playing area has a variable size, from 10 meters x 10 meters (100m2), this being the smallest dimension, up to 33 meters x 30 meters (1000m2), this being the largest. The space is designed for easy installation and set-up, with personalized shapes on the surfaces of the space and the possibility of including the client’s corporate image.

Thus, Fluge I+D works on the development of different virtual reality experiences adaptable to all types of events, whatever their size. In addition, the department has sufficient capacity to create and design adhoc experiences or games.