This October, from the 6th to the 14th, the River Sound Festival was held in Zaragoza. Important artists  from the current national panorama were raised to its two stages like Melendi, Robe Iniesta, Love of Lesbian, Camela or Dorian.

Ferias Lanzuela S.L., responsible for the festival, entrusted  Fluge Zaragoza the supply of sound, lighting and video equipment for both stages.

For the sound of the first stage, 18 Acoustics V-Dosc, 20 L’acosutics SB-218 Sub, 6 Acoustics DV-Dosc, 12 Lab Gruppen FP10000 and a Digico SD5 and SD10 control table were used. The lighting equipment was composed of 14 Vari * Lite VL3000 Spot, 18 Robe Pointe 300w, 18 Robe Robin 800, 12 Robe Robin 300, 8 Martin Mac 550, 8 Clay Paky Alpha WS575, 2 Martin Atomic 3000 and one Chamsys MQ80 + Extra Wing control table.

For the P.A. of the second stage, 16 Meyer Sound M3D, 12 Meyer Sound M3D, 2 Meyer Sound CQ1, and 4 Meyer Sound UPA-1 among others were supplied. All controlled by 2 Digico SD10. As for lighting, 12 Vari * Lite VL 3000, 12 Vari * lite Wash VL 3500C, 18 Robe Pointe 300w, 8 Martin Atomic 3000, 16 Robe Robin 800, 8 Martin Mac 550 and 2 Martin Atomic 3000. All controlled by Grand MA2 Light and a Chamsys MQ100.  Finally, in terms of video, 2 UFS 4 x 3m led displays and 2 Barco CLM R10 systems were highlighted.