Global Dinner is a customizable gastronomic show in which the diner “travels” to different iconic places on planet Earth without moving from his chair thanks to the impressive animations and 3D simulations projected on the table itself. This event was last held in Qatar.

Its creation corresponds to the Spanish companies “Lumentium”, world pioneer in the development of “Table Mapping”, and Ramón Freixa Catering. This new technology called “table mapping” allows to project any type of animation and 3D simulation on one or more tables, simultaneously, taking into account all the elements on them.

For the catering and corporate events world this a new aperture  in which to develop new sensations in gastronomic creations. In the “Global Dinner” project there are several professionals and artists, among them the chef Ramón Freixa (2 Michelin stars), responsible for the gastronomic creations that are served in these innovative dinners.

Gala dinners can be held for 20 to 900 people and thanks to its latest generation laser projectors, a high definition simulation is perceived. Fluge BNC, the first company to specialize in technical level in “Table Mapping” shows with Lumentium, has the exclusivity for technical execution worldwide to assemble all the events of the creators of this unique show.