The company Paisajes Activos has received the award for the exploitation of the lands adjacent to Calle Bronce de Arganda del Rey in which the “Ciudad de los Platós” will be built; an enclosure that will house cinematographic and television productions, training and implementation of new technologies.

The surface area of ​​this new and exciting project has dimensions of 17,000m2 for the construction of 4 large sets, two of them over 2,000 square meters, making them the largest in Spain. Leading the design of the site will be the renowned architects Fernando de Mier and Consuelo López.

Paisajes Activos, a company dedicated to the construction and operation of sets for cinema, television and events, where Fluge Audiovisuales and Cinelux will be approved technology providers, will take over this new project that will make Arganda del Rey the epicenter of film and television fiction productions, being a unique opportunity for the development of the municipality.

Paisajes Activos offers the solvency, knowledge and experience necessary to carry out a project of such magnitude and is made up of the following shareholders: Luís Parra (Discovery Strategias Empresariales), David García (Lacrew Diseño y Producción) and Luís Berlanga ( LouLadi).

The two largest companies in the audiovisual sector, Fluge Audiovisuales and Cinelux, will provide technical support to all customer needs in the area of ​​lighting, video, sound, VFX and virtual environments. In addition, the events and technical school Trade Formación, will be in charge of training students in its facilities through masters and courses, which will greatly expand the employment offer of Arganda del Rey.