The iconic Belgian beer Grimbergen presents four new varieties (Pale Ale, Blonde, Double Ambrée and Blanche) with a space that combines multimedia art with beer passion. The brand, which is distributed in our country by Mahou-San Miguel, proposes a sensory trip with an artistic installation located in the Malasaña neighborhood, in the heart of Madrid, and whose exhibits will last from April 25th to 28th.

Grimbergen Place is a room with a display that is characterized by the use of light and color using audiovisual equipment. The exhibition is free and invites the public to discover the most avant-garde aesthetics along with the unique and historic taste of Grimbergen, whose brewing tradition dates back eight centuries.

This new beer’s presentation was made official with an event, organized by Globally-Newlink, attended by various personalities and influencers, who attended the media as visible faces of the event. In it, a video mapping created for the occasion that reflected the evolution of the brewery over the centuries was activated.

The space has had a unique and fascinating exhibition created by the multimedia artist Daniel Canogar, one of the plastic creators with the greatest international projection of our country who has exhibited at the Reina Sofia or the Museum of Natural History in New York. This work, called Cannula, is an abstract video art composition that reflects on the saturation of visual stimuli to which we are exposed today.

Fluge Audiovisuales, as the national exclusive audiovisual provider of Mahou-San Miguel has supplied the sound, lighting and video equipment to the ACC agency, the organizer of the proposal.

Specifically, five Panasonic RZ660 projectors were used, one of them used for the video mapping encounter and the rest were used in the Cannula exhibition. In addition, six E8 dnb loudspeakers were used for the sound system used in the mapping and for the ambience.