The musical phenomenon Guitarricadelafuente, also known as Álvaro Lafuente, continues to reap success with the tour to present his first studio album “La cantera”. During the months of July and August, the artist scheduled an intense series of concerts where the emotion and authenticity of his voice are protagonists in each of his live performances.

Originally from the digital scene, Guitarricadelafuente gained notoriety through Instagram, where he performed covers of renowned artists with his acoustic guitar. His passionate voice, together with a style that fuses rumba, rock, folk and flamenco, has allowed him to quickly escalate in the music industry and establish himself as one of the most relevant figures on the Spanish scene. With his first studio album, “La cantera”, published in 2022, the man from Benicassim continues to tour Spanish cities, such as Valencia, Murcia, Barcelona or Mallorca, presenting his songs to his increasingly numerous followers.

Thanks to Cielo Macorino’s entrustment, producer of the tour, Fluge Audiovisuales is in charge of supplying the sound monitors and their control system, the microphone systems and a lighting reinforcement on each of the dates in the months of July and August.