Madrid was filled with butterflies to receive Veepee, the online sales platform that has released a new name in our country. This brand, which is a conglomerate of international e-commerce companies, presented its new identity officially at the WOW Night held on September 13th in the Plaza del Callao in the capital.

The butterflies were one of the protagonists of the event to be the image of the company and impregnated the Callao Cinemas, the space where the event was held, with their tropical touch. In it, a multitude of familiar faces from the fashion and entertainment sector gathered to enjoy a nighttime gala where various novelties of the company were revealed. In addition, awards and raffles were offered to Veepee users with gift or travel vouchers, among other gifts.

ATREVIA Eventos, its organizer, relied on Fluge Audiovisuales as a provider of sound, lighting, video and audiovisual technical personnel for the main meeting area in addition to the photocall.