Tui-Valença eurocity once again hosted the Ikfem festival, where the Spanish and Portuguese municipality joined forces to offer a multitude of simultaneous concerts on both sides of the border and over the Miño river bridge. Held from August 19 to 26, the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary with a total of 15 shows and several parallel activities that made the Eurocity the epicenter of culture for a week.

One of the most spectacular moments of this edition was the performance of pianos on the International Bridge that unites both cities. With up to ten different spaces distributed throughout the territory, such as in the Tui cathedral itself or in the Valença fortress, the performances aimed to create a common cultural space through music.

Thanks to the producer,  Xuventudes Musicais Eixo Atlántico, Fluge Galicia was in charge of supplying the sound, lighting and video material for all the spaces.