In a pioneering event called “Allies for a Common Purpose”, organized by ILUNION, more than 100 business leaders, academics and organizations from across the country came together to discuss a revolutionary approach towards the customer-business relationship. The event, held last Thursday, February 15 at the ILUNION Pio XII Hotel in Madrid, marked a milestone in ILUNION’s quest to establish deeper and more meaningful ties with its clients, promoting a shared vision of responsibility and sustainability.

During the meeting, aimed at senior managers of companies, organizations and business schools, the need to humanize the business environment was emphasized, recognizing the importance of joining forces to achieve a positive social impact. Alejandro Oñoro, CEO of ILUNION, highlighted the company’s firm commitment to diversity and the creation of value within the country, pointing towards a strategy that not only seeks economic success but also community well-being.

For her part, Patricia Otero, Director of Customer Experience at ILUNION, presented the initiative as an innovative approach to create a customer-centric ecosystem, driven by excellence, advanced technology and an inclusive corporate culture. This new model seeks to foster lasting relationships of trust, based on mutual understanding, transparency and open dialogue.

One of the highlights was the presentation of the “Allies for a Common Purpose” report, which not only details the group’s activities and achievements, but also proposes new initiatives focused on social responsibility and sustainability. This report highlights ILUNION’s unique identity as an integral part of ONCE Social Group, reaffirming its intention to strengthen ties with the community through a closer and more empathetic relationship with its clients.

Thanks to Genco Pura Studio, producer of the event, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the audiovisual equipment. The sound system was made up of a P.A. system from the d&b brand, the lighting had 32 mobile and conventional spotlights, and among the video material a curved LED screen measuring 10 x 3.5 meters and 2.91 mm pitch stood out along with a multi-camera production system.