Teatro Magno in Madrid hosts the new and original contemporary flamenco show “Jaleos Jondos”, which promises to break with the traditions of the city’s tablaos. Released and presented this September, the work offers a journey through the history of the genre, from its origins to the new current sounds.

Directed by acclaimed director Daniele Finzi Pasca, known for his work with Cirque du Soleil, and featuring music by Latin Grammy winner Javier Limón, “Jaleos Jondos” transports the viewer to places never visited before. It’s a walk through four seasons in an exciting journey that honors the tradition of the 12 flamenco styles. The show’s narrative begins in the winter, with soleares and seguiriyas, and culminates in the spring, with fandangos and sevillanas, allowing the audience to explore the evolution of this art form over the centuries.

The show features a cast of exceptional artists, including the talented dancer Carmela Greco, whose passion and skill as a flamenco dancer add a unique spark to the production. In addition, prominent artists such as Saul Quirós, Montse Cortés and Antonio Sánchez come together to offer an unforgettable experience. Yet, “Jaleos Jondos” is not only a spectacle for the ears and eyes, but also for the palate. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience inspired by flamenco, which perfectly complements the cultural richness of the show.

Thanks to LETSGO’s entrustment, producer of the show, Fluge Audiovisuales is in charge of supplying the audiovisual equipment. Among it, it is worth highlighting the P.A. system composed of d&b material, a Yamaha CL1 control table, R.F. microphones, more than 80 robotic and conventional lighting spotlights and a Grand MA2 control table.