Kimitec Group, a leading international company specializing in agricultural biotechnology, opened its new R&D facilities located in Roquetas de Mar (Almería). The center has 5,000 square meters of extension, which makes it the largest biopesticide and probiotic center in Europe. These facilities have been taken care of in detail to present a diaphanous and futuristic aesthetic together with important audiovisual equipment installed by Fluge Proyectos.

The concept behind the design of these new facilities has been to create a museum-like experience within the factory thanks to the use of technology and audiovisual systems designed for the occasion by Fluge Proyectos. For this, a series of spectacular videomappings are exposed, capable of offering a striking immersive experience thanks to four Epson projectors, Bose speakers and Yamaha electronics; which are also controlled from two Watchout servers. Likewise, said installation has the new Blocks system, control software specially designed for this type of space that allows the entire system to be controlled from any mobile or tablet, a novelty in installations of this type in our national territory.

Other areas also show different projections through electromagnetic vinyl that can darken or show transparency effects, in addition to a series of screens with signage and digital signage controlled by Brightsign. Without doubt, it is a cutting-edge audiovisual installation that creates a unique sensory experience.