To mark the opening ceremony of the Panama Canal expansion, several events were organized by ACP. This historic event was named ‘The Great Connection’. The inauguration ceremony took place on June 26th in the new Cocolí Compartment, where Fluge Central America was responsible for supplying the audiovisual material thanks to the trust of the consortium Magic Dreams/Promontaje, producers of the event. For this event we used an exterior led screen of 80m2 and a PA of sound composed by 20 Milo. Among the events that took place during these days is the gala dinner attended by the King Juan Carlos. For these celebrations, the producer Meeting and Show also relied on Fluge Central America for the audiovisual supply with the installation of a large 3.9 mm led screen measuring 13 x 4 meters in size.

"La Gran Conexión" del Canal de Panamá