Cutting-Edge Equipment

Fluge has a wide range of lighting products for professional events that cover the needs of all kinds of audiovisual productions. With constantly updated equipment and technical supervision, we guarantee the reliability and maximum performance of equipment even in the most difficult working conditions.



Professionalism and Highly Qualified Staff

The experience and professionalism of the staff who work for FLUGE is a decisive factor in achieving excellence in every production and the full satisfaction of our clients. That's why FLUGE is the leading company in Spain in lighting equipment rental for events. Our highly qualified technical staff are trained to assemble with maximum reliability and in record time, always under the strictest safety conditions.

Experience and Facilities

Our extensive experience of putting on both national and international tours is another noteworthy factor, since it generates the trust necessary for our clients to put their productions in the hands of FLUGE. Our facilities offer the possibility of holding rehearsals and include 6 loading docks and 2 ramps to facilitate loading and optimise space in the trailers.



Ambition and Development

FLUGE has equipment prepared especially to meet the demands of the most complex tours and shows. Touring cases, swing-wing structures, motors of up to 2 tonnes, latest-generation, high-powered exterior moving lights, etc. Our company also has the capacity to develop parts and adapt equipment to facilitate assembly on tour.

Proud of Our Clients

At FLUGE we are proud that the majority of national, and international, artists and producers have trusted us to put on their productions in Spain and the rest of the world.