The San Isidro Fair 2024 has unveiled its long-awaited poster in a gala presentation at Live Las Ventas, a unique space specially equipped for holding events and shows located in the emblematic plaza in Madrid. This event, which marks the beginning of the bullfighting season, was broadcast live and exclusively on Telemadrid, attracting the attention of fans and prominent personalities.

The presentation gala, held on Thursday, February 1, was attended by prominent figures from the bullfighting world, as well as the attendance of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, and the president of the community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso . During the event, the regional president reiterated the commitment of the Community of Madrid to the defense and promotion of bullfighting as an integral part of the cultural heritage of the region.

The fair posters present a varied and exciting program, with a total of 21 bullfights that will take place from May 10 to June 8. In addition, three bullfights and two horse-back bullfighting festivals are included, offering a wide range of events to satisfy the tastes of fans. Among the special events, an extraordinary Charity bullfight and an in memoriam bullfight in honor of Antonio Chenel “Antoñete” stand out. The fair will feature the participation of renowned right-handers such as Morante de la Puebla, Sebastián Castella, José María Manzanares, Miguel Ángel Perera, Alejandro Talavante and Roca Rey, among others, representing various breedings and livestock.

Thanks to Live las Ventas, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the audiovisual equipment for the gala as the exclusive supplier of the venue. Among the equipment installed, it is worth highlighting around 200 mobile and conventional spotlights, a P.A. L’Acoustic, 2 LED screens of 4 x 2.5 meters and 2.97 mm pitch, an LED screen of 7 x 4 meters and 3.9 mm pitch and an LED banner of 18.5 x 1 meters and 4 .81 mm pitch.