On May 20, the Keep Walking Together project concert cycle was inaugurated, which encourages the safe enjoyment of live music in some of Madrid’s mythical concert halls such as Sala El Sol, Sala Caracol or Sala Moby Dick. The Arde Bogotá band kicked off the cycle with a showcase held at the Johnnie Walker flagship store in Madrid.

Cala Vento, Hinds and Delaporte are the other bands that will give life to the project that aims to give back to the sector everything it deserves, especially to those professionals who are part of the industry who are not always visible and without whom live music would not be possible.

Thanks to Johnnie Walker, through the Keep Walking Together platform, and Newlink, opening concert series opening producer, Fluge Audiovisuales was in charge of supplying the sound equipment for the Arde Bogotá showcase at the Johnnie Walker flagship store in Madrid.